NitroPC Pro 2
  • Processor (CPU)
  • RAM (Kingston FURY Beast DDR5)
  • Graphic Card (GPU)
  • Wireless interfaces
  • Operating System
  • Tamper-evident packaging
  • Type
  • 1st Hard Disk SSD NVMe PCIe 4.0 x4
  • 2nd Hard Disk SSD NVMe PCIe 4.0 x4
  • Hard Disk (SATA)
  • 2nd Hard Disk (SATA)
  • Firmware
  • Nitrokey

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NitroPC Pro 2 - The Secure, Powerful Workstation

The NitroPC Pro 2 is the workstation for high security and performance requirements. The open source firmware Dasharo Coreboot ensures high transparency and security and thus avoids backdoors and security holes in the firmware. The device is certified for the highly secure Qubes OS and comes with either Qubes OS or Ubuntu Linux. Carefully selected components ensure high performance, stability and durability. The Dasharo Entry Subscription guarantees continuous firmware development and fast firmware updates.

Powerful, Latest Hardware
The NitroPC has a current 14th generation Intel Core processor with up to 5.2 GHz, fast DDR5 RAM, PCIe 5.0, and can thus be used for performance-hungry applications such as programming/compiling, AI, data analysis and graphics applications. Of course, this also makes it sufficiently sized for office and web applications.

Open Source Firmware/BIOS
The firmware ("BIOS") consists of the Coreboot distribution Dasharo, which is published as open source. This allows independent security checks of the firmware and prevents undetected backdoors. In addition, the PC boots quickly and Dasharo is continuously developed further. Dasharo is available in two versions:

Heads uses Measured Boot to enable tamper detection of the TPM, the installed firmware and the operating system. This requires a Nitrokey USB key that serves as a trust anchor.

TianoCore is a lean, fast and, as usual, easy-to-use UEFI. It can be used with all PC operating systems including Windows.

Deactivatable Intel Management Engine
Vulnerable and proprietary low-level hardware parts can be disabled to make the hardware more robust against advanced attacks.
The Intel Management Engine (ME) is a type of separate computer within all modern Intel processors (CPU). The ME acts as a master controller for your CPU and has extensive access to your computer (system memory, display, keyboard, network). Intel controls the code of the ME and severe vulnerabilities have already been found in the ME that allow local and remote attacks. Therefore, ME can be considered a backdoor and can be disabled in NitroPC.

Pre-Installed Ubuntu Linux With Hard Disk Encryption
NitroPC comes with a pre-installed Ubuntu Linux 24.04 LTS with full disk encryption. Ubuntu is one of the most popular, stable and easy-to-use Linux distributions. Switching from Windows to Linux has never been easier.

Optional: Pre-Installed Qubes OS For Highest Security Requirements
Optionally, instead of Ubuntu Linux, you can get your NitroPC with Qubes OS pre-installed and full disk encryption.The NitroPC Pro 2 is certified for Qubes OS.
Qubes OS enables highly isolated work using virtual machines (VM). A separate VM is started for each application or workspace. This approach isolates applications and processes much more than conventional operating systems. Qubes OS keeps your system secure even if a vulnerability in any of the software you use has been exploited. Example: If your PDF viewer or web browser has been successfully attacked, the attacker cannot compromise the rest of the system and will be locked out once the VM is closed. In addition, separate virtual work environments can be used, such as an offline work environment for secret data and an online work environment for communication. NitroPC with Qubes OS is technically similar to SINA Workstations (for government agencies), but remains transparent thanks to open source. Qubes OS is for users who want maximum security.

Optional: Sealed Casing
To make it more difficult to tamper with your NitroPC during transportation and later, the housing is sealed with labels.

Use Cases

For Everyone
With NitroPC, you don't have to rely on the security of proprietary BIOS firmware or the backdoor Intel Management Engine. Instead, the secure NitroPC is based entirely on open source software. NitroPC comes with hard disk encryption pre-installed and - if desired - the highly secure Qubes OS. Since it has a powerful 14th generation Intel processor, the NitroPC is also suitable for power-hungry applications.

For Enterprises
The NitroPC can serve as a hardened workstation for Certificate Authorities and other use cases that require high-security computing.

For Government
Government agencies can use the NitroPC to protect against Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) without relying on third-party proprietary technologies.

For Journalists
If you're an investigative journalist serious about protecting your confidential sources, NitroPC can help.

As a Server
NitroPC is suitable as a server for home and office.

Dasharo Entry Subscription

The NitroPC Pro 2 is sold together with Dasharo Entry Subscription, provided by 3mdeb Sp. z o.o. Thereby you support Dasharo open-source firmware development and long-term maintenance for the NitroPC Pro 2. Your personalized subscription includes:

  • Accesses to the latest firmware releases
  • Exclusive newsletter
  • Special firmware updates, including early access to updates enhancing privacy, security, performance, and compatibility.
  • Early access to new firmware releases for newly supported Desktop platforms (please check the roadmap).
  • Access to the Dasharo Premier Support invite-only live chat channel in Matrix network, facilitating direct engagement with the Dasharo Team and fellow subscribers with personalized and priority assistance.
  • Insider’s view and influence on Dasharo features roadmap – you can have a real impact on Dasharo development.
  • Dasharo Tools Suite Entry Subscription keys

By purchasing this product you agree that we transfer your e-mail address to 3mdeb Sp. z o.o.

Certified for Qubes OS

The NitroPC Pro 2 is certified for Qubes OS, which ensures 100% compatibility. In addition, the Dom0 of Qubes OS can be operated completely without USB, thus significantly reducing the attack surface. For this, the keyboard and mouse are connected to the PS/2 port via a Y-cable (not included).

The use of separate graphics cards with Qubes OS requires extensive configuration. For this, we recommend the additional booking of our Qubes OS support.

Technical Details

  • Firmware: Open source Coreboot distribution Dasharo, 1 year subscription inclusive
  • Operating System: Qubes OS, Ubuntu LTS (optional)
  • Processor CPU: 14th Generation Intel Core
  • Graphic GPU: Onboard Intel UHD-Grafik 770. Other graphics cards on request.
  • Speed of the SATA SSD: >500 MB/s
  • Mainboard: MSI PRO Z790-P DDR5 (WIFI optional)
  • Connections front:
    * 2x USB 3.2 Gen 1, 5 Gbps
    * 1x audio jack input
    * 1x audio jack output
  • Connections rear:
    * 4x USB 3.2: 1x (Gen 2x2, 20 Gbps, Type C), 1x (Gen 2, 10 Gbps, Type A), 2x (Gen 1, 5 Gbps, Type A)
    * 4x USB 2.0
    * 2.5 Gbps Ethernet LAN Intel I225-V
    * DisplayPort
    * HDMI
    * PS/2 combination port for keyboard and mouse
    * 2x Wi-Fi antenna (optional)
    * 2x audio jack input
    * 4x audio jack output
  • Power supply: 850 Watt, silent
  • Casing: black Midi-Tower
  • Dimensions (with feet): 231 x 463 x 450 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: ca. 10 kg