Consulting and Support for Qubes OS, NitroPhones, IT Security

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    We offer qualified consulting and support for all our products, Qubes OS, GrapheneOS and general IT security.

    Qubes OS, NitroPads

    "If you're serious about security, QubesOS is the best OS available today. It's what I use, and free."
    Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblower

    Qubes OS does a lot of things differently than traditional operating systems, which is why even experienced users get confused when performing common tasks like setting up a network printer, Nextcloud shares, or installing a VPN. Often there are several possible solutions, and it takes experience to recognize which security or usability limitations come with which solution. We advise you precisely for your individual use case and support you in the concrete implementation. Thus, you get a highly secure operating system that you can use effectively and whose security promises you understand.

    We offer:

    • Installation and configuration support
    • Individual consulting
    • Professional training
    • All use cases e.g. VPN, Nextcloud, Windows VM

    GrapheneOS, NitroPhones

    >NitroPhones with GrapheneOS offer a high level of security combined with outstanding ease of use. If you still have questions, need a general introduction or need support with individual apps, we will be happy to help you.


    • After purchasing this service, please contact our technical support with your request, quoting the order number.
    • Remote or on site
    • English and German
    • Price is gross per hour
    • Quarter-hourly billing